Welcome to the Director’s web page, where you will find my perspective on what makes this college a great College. I have a unique vantage point. We’ve grown into an extraordinary institution. We have an entrepreneurial culture and can-do spirit that is unsurpassed elsewhere, a great faculty who are willing to take risks to continually make this a better place, and a commitment to innovation, not only in our distinctive integrated curriculum, but also in everything we do.
This is not only a special place — it’s also an incredibly exciting time to be at Our College. We’ve set an agenda for a future that will expand our leadership position and increase the opportunities and resources for our students. This web site is one way for me to keep you informed about these new developments. One of the latest development is the expansion of international experiences for our students. As national economies across the globe have become increasingly connected, the way we prepare our students to lead enterprises anywhere in the world has become more important than ever.
As we expand our strategic alliances with first class universities in India, our students benefit in many ways:
• More and better global jobs and internships
• Executives-in-residence and faculty coming to campus from other cities.

Dr.Shuchita Singh