Roorkee College of Management & Computer Applications believes in providing you a ‘complete educational experience’. There are three dimensions to your education at the College. The first dimension envisages a thorough grounding in theoretical knowledge. This will consist of textbook learning, classroom lectures, seminars and interactive sessions with Faculty and Guest Lecturers. It will provide you with a solid foundation in your chosen field of study. We also expect our students to complete a major part of their education in a supported, self-learning or online mode.
You will be provided access to well-stocked libraries and online resources to enable you to thoroughly research your field of study. Our expert faculty will fill in any knowledge/ information gap that you may have.
 The second dimension of your education will be practical work experience. This is unique to RCMCA College and is more important than the first dimension as it is this experience that differentiates RCMCA College students, from students of any other college. It provides you with cutting edge skills that are needed in the world of work. Here, you will be provided live industry-based projects, on the job experience in a real work situation and many projects that simulate the real work environment. All our students are provided with a unique traineeship opportunity with one of our industry partners.
During your traineeship you will be exposed to a real work environment and since you will be paid a stipend you will be expected to perform like everyone else. This program gets you into the habit of ‘getting results’ early on in your life and keeps you in good stead throughout your career. You will also be provided with constant guidance from your industry coach and the in campus mentor to ensure that you make the most of this unique opportunity.
The third and perhaps the most important dimension of your education at the college will be the Life Skills Programme. In the beginning of this programme, you will be introduced to simple skills that you will need on the job, such as, communication skills, interview skills, teamwork and time management skills.


Roorkee College of Management & Computer Applications endeavors to prepare professionals top face global challenges, to provide high quality value-based career oriented education for students. To prepare the youth to gain knowledge and expertise for the development of entrepreneurship skills and inherent talents to establish themselves as results-oriented trained bachelors in the specific areas of entrepreneurial culture to develop competitive advantage. The college will promote the development and application of various fields of knowledge to the highest level of excellence through extensively networked educational research and development so as to bring out best professionals in the State and country at Large”.
“Our mission is to impart vibrant, innovative and global education and to make RCMCA the world leader in terms of excellence in education, research and to serve the nation in the 21st century”


Our vision is to engender at “Roorkee College of Management & Computer Applications” an Institution ethos characterized by enquiry and desire for knowledge. We aspire to expose our students to an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, through research based and enquiry-led learning. We anticipate that a spirit of intellectual excitement will be all pervasive, and that the research environment will provide an enriching learning experience. RCMCA’s comprehensive strategic plan seeks to move towards research intensive Institute with world class centre of excellence. RCMCA intends to be at the forefront of development, involved in generation of new idea, training of young researchers, improvement in graduate level education and further enrichment of our knowledge base.
The Vision & zeal to Inculcate World Class – Education.

• To develop the institution into a world class center for Management, Information Technology, International Business, and other emerging related areas.
• To contribute in the dissemination of academic and applied knowledge
• To inculcate in the students an academic environment, which will inspire them to realize their full potential and contribute to the development of the society
• Top create an understanding and regard amongst our students for human values, pride in their heritage and culture besides a keen sense of right and wrong
• To impart intense professionalism in thought and practice.